The Next Generation of driving power for PCO Drivers in London

Solis Cars have the knowledge to make it simple for London PHV Drivers to switch to alternative Congestion Charge Free and ULEZ free cars.

As we all heard that the UK plans to ban Sales of Diesel and Petrol cars from 2030 which means selling new diesel and petrol (gasoline) cars and vans from 2030 under plans announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson are ban.

Uber want to fully electrify their driver-partners in London by 2025, the Uber clean air plan is designed to allow their Driving Partners to save up extra rider fees and use this to get a huge discount on a brand new electric PCO car.

For more information about the Uber Clean Air Plan click this link:


  • The BP Chargemaster is providing support to electric PCO vehicles and is designed to safe money to all PHV Drivers. For more information on how to join click this link:
  • London’s largest private hire operator Uber has recently introduced a range of exciting new app for new electric charging partners with BP.

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