Uber encourages London drivers to switch to electric vehicles by offering free charging and grant funding packages

Uber is introducing a new incentive package for London drivers switching to electric vehicles (EVs), which includes a £5,000 grant per driver, with a total investment of £145 million. Drivers can use the £5,000 as a lump sum to buy a new or used EV, or apply it towards a rental or rent-to-buy scheme. This […]

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The Next Generation of driving power for PCO Drivers in London

Solis Cars have the knowledge to make it simple for London PHV Drivers to switch to alternative Congestion Charge Free and ULEZ free cars. As we all heard that the UK plans to ban Sales of Diesel and Petrol cars from 2030 which means selling new diesel and petrol (gasoline) cars and vans from 2030 […]

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UBER MEDICS – This is subsidised rides for NHS and cares home staff only.

We here at Solis Cars understand that these are unprecedented and challenging times for everyone, including taxi and private hire drivers. We will continue to provide you with relevant information and advice when we can do so during this period. Uber announced that Uber Medics are back, offering 25% off rides for all NHS and […]

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Uber Driver Partner – Drive safer and smarter with driving stats

Using GPS data, we are able to show you information about your driving habits including acceleration, braking, speeding, and whether or not your phone is mounted. We are calculating this information regularly to help you because riders tend to rate higher on smoother trips. Paying more attention to your driving style can lead to higher […]

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Black Cabs v Uber

Black cab drivers in London tend to dislike Uber, saying that its lower fares and lower barriers to entry undermine their trade. But there’s another complicated layer running underneath all of that. Many Uber drivers are non-white immigrants, while most black cab drivers are white and British. A New York Times article examining the broader […]

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